Some common questions answered.

Q: Why Sprout?
Answer: With the spiralling costs of meals & traditional feed like hay or silage we all need to provide our stock with a more dependable and affordable option, 4 Seasons Fodder Systems can provide just that; You Can; Get all the benefits of replacing costly traditional Livestock feed. Have Full control over the Quality, Profitability and Sustainably of your feed regime. Expand your Herd No’s without the need to purchase or rent extra Farm Land. Hydroponic systems are a perfect solution for providing daily fresh green fodder to all your animals all year around regardless of the weather.
Q:What’s the Benefits of Sprouting Grain?
Answer: Once you sprout grain you immediately multiply its nutritional value up to ten-fold, You increase its Digestibility from 30% up to 85-90% converting starch into sugars, Proteins into ammonia acids and Lipids to free fatty acids, thus providing all the necessary ingredients’ for a healthy ,thriving animal including those with a sensitive palate. Sprouted Fodder is a high quality supplement for your livestock which is completely edible including the roots therefore eliminating any waste.
Q:Will my animals be deficient in minerals?
Answer: Every single vitamin, ammonia acid, enzyme and mineral needed to support animal life is available from sprouted grass. Barley grass contains significant amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E. It also contains Folic Acid which is sometimes known as vitamin B9. The minerals barley grass contains in abundance are Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Phosperous, Manganese and Zinc, as well as other trace minerals. It also contains high levels of chlorophyll, helping to restore the body's natural acid / alkaline balance. .
Q: What are the Benefits to my Stock?
Answer:Increased fertility in all stock; = earlier breeding & higher conception rates. Improved Herd Health; = lower disease rates, less veterinary bills Increased Digestibility; = improved weight gain & milk yields. Increased Revenue per kg of feed = lower meal bills = happier farmer Greatly increases Skin & Hair condition on Show Animals As with all new feeding regimes, Introduce gradually over a 7-10 day period .
Q: Where do I get my seed from?
Answer: You can grow your own seed on your farm or purchase from a local Supplier For more specific seeds we can help source them for you. If you wish to grow only organic feed, this can be done by using organic seed.
Q: What about the Environment?
Answer: Controlled-environment farming is being increasingly recognized as offering diversification and farming intensification, both of which lead to increased earnings Using a 4 Seasons Fodder Systems you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint The most obvious been the reduction in the usage of farm machinery such as tractors; Harvesters and balers, and the reduced need to transport large volumes of feed and hay around the country. No need for Fertilizer or Pesticides. Dust free environment means less respiratory problems for both Animals and human. Reduction of methane production in all stock. By feeding our highly digestible fodder to cows and sheep they are able to digest more quickly, thus reducing the volume that is regurgitated and therefore the associated methane.



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