Hydroponic Systems Is Ideally Suited For Irish Farming

With Spiralling costs of all aspects of farming inputs from fertilizer right through to the end product be it silage, hay or purchase of meal from the local merchant, farmers across the country are in need of a dependable and affordable feed for their livestock. Unpredictable weather patterns are another major obstacle as farmers strive to secure quality feed during the summer months. A 4 Seasons Fodder System allow you the farmer to take total control of the quality and quantity of your livestock feeding regimen regardless of weather or seasonal changes and will help bring your farm one step closer to sustainability.

Benefits to Livestock

Feeding hydroponic fodder will not only benefit your livestock, but almost every aspect of your farm. Fodder is a more natural feed and is compatible with the digestive systems of all farm animals. Due to its increased digestibility and the availability of nutrients, feeding fodder over grains and concentrates, will insure your animals have a more productive, profitable and healthier quality of life.

Hydroponic fodder is young tender grass grown from a cereal grain mostly barley, in just 5-7 days. It is a super-food packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and chlorophyll, all of which are densely packed in the young fresh shoots of the plant? Sprouts are the very best way to get the highest nutritional value from food. By watering these seeds, we are actually “awakening” all of the live potential energy bursting from the sprout at their prime nutritional value stage.

Another reason we feed our livestock with hydroponics fodder from barley seed is because by spouting barley we change digestibility from 30% when in grain to 85-90% when in fodder, thus enabling the livestock to use the energy for milk production, reproduction and weight gain. Hydroponically grown fodder has 80% increase in essential minerals, barley fodder provide 30 times more vitamin B, than milk, 22 times more vitamin C than citrus and nearly 5 times the iron of spinach.

Growing fodder for your farm will result in significant feed cost savings. Purchasing a 4 Seasons Fodder System will give you, the farmer full control over feed costs and feed quality. To find out why our system is a smart investment for the future sustainability of your farm, Please contact us to view a working system, and see the benefits for yourself.

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