Environmental benefits from growing hydroponic sprouting barley

Carbon footprint

With a near complete elimination in the need and use of farm machinery for the everyday running of your farm, such as Tractors; Harvesters and balers, in addition to the reduced transportation of large volumes of feed and hay around the country. Using A 4 Seasons Fodder System can seriously contribute to a reduction in the carbon footprint of a farm.

Water saving

The use of water distributions system with automatic controllers means our water is constantly being used in the most effective way. With our fast approaching water metering, this is in everyone’s interest. A 4 Seasons Fodder System ensures that your fresh daily fodder does not come at the expense of an increased water supply.

Effective land use

The use of our 4 Seasons Fodder System is key to the high volume production of fresh fodder in such a Small land footprint. This creates huge savings in Land needed for crop/feed production, meaning No need for artificial manure further reducing the carbon footprint on your farm. Pesticide free A 4 Seasons Fodder System provides pesticide free fresh fodder inside our environmentally controlled unit eliminating the need for spraying as with outdoor crops.

Pesticide free

The nutrient mix contains no pesticides and the production of fodder inside our control Environment removes any need for spraying as with outdoor crops.

Dust free environment

A 4 Seasons Fodder System provides a dust free environment during the production process meaning less respiratory problems for both Animals and human.

Reduction of methane production in all stock

A well documented and often overlooked fact; Cows are responsible for the production of approx 18% of the worlds green house gas CH4 or methane. The primary reasons for this are the constant chewing of the cud and the belching associated with this. A 4 Seasons Fodder System produces highly digestible fodder for cows and sheep resulting in easier and quicker digestion, thus reducing the volume that is regurgitated and therefore the associated methane.

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