The Benefits of Hydroponics Fodder for Dairy Cattle

Fodder grown in a 4 Seasons Fodder System offers the benefits of fresh pasture and is a more appropriate feed option for grazing animals such as dairy cattle.

A 4 Seasons Fodder System Provides the following benefits for Dairy Cattle:

  • Earlier breeding and increased conception rates
  • Reduced Somatic cell count
  • Reduced occurrence of Mastitis
  • Increased Digestibility Leading to Increased Milk Production
  • Increased longevity in Dairy Cows
  • Increased Milk Production & Higher butterfat content
  • Improved hoof health
  • No land available to increase herd size
  • Restricted from farming exercises because off Designation

Just some of the many reasons to purchase a 4 Seasons Fodder System

A well documented, often ignored fact is that a cow only gets 20% of the energy produced of grain based diets and traditional silage feed through normal digestion, resulting in a 80% wastage of energy which is vital to increase milk production.


Hydroponic fodder is much more digestible, full of nutrients and enzymes meaning that the energy spent on this digestion process would be far less, resulting in extra energy been diverted to milk production and growth.

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