What Is Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponic growing systems use a soilless growing media and provide all of the plant's nutrition through natures own natural process. The system may rely on sunlight, either outdoors or in a greenhouse, or it may use artificial lighting. Because every aspect of growing can be controlled, Growing in soilless media can result in better crop quality, with higher yields in shorter growing times.

Using natures own natural process it therefore reduces the probability of bacteria-transmitted diseases. Hydroponic systems do not use manure, which is a potential source of bacterial contaminants. If Required natural nutrients can be supplied in controlled amounts, many growers argue that hydroponic vegetables are more nutritious than traditionally grown crops, including organic crops.

Modern hydroponic gardening was introduced in the 1920s as a means of commercial plant production. Hydroponic systems use water, heat and light to grow plants, and they provide an alternative means to produce food in areas with poor soil. For example, during World War II U.S. troops used hydroponic gardens to grow fresh fruits and vegetables while stationed in infertile areas of the Pacific Islands.


One of the hallmark characteristics of modern day hydroponic systems is its efficiency. The guiding principle of a hydroponic system is that you only use what the plants absolutely require to grow and thrive. Hydroponic systems minimize water waste since the water is applied directly to plant roots. You also won't have to worry about weeds taking over your garden, and insect pests tend to be less of a problem.

A properly planned and executed hydroponic system will produce a surprising crop yield. Hydroponic systems produce a crop all year-round without being limited by poor soil conditions, or any of your normal everyday weather related restrictions.

Nutrients for plants work the same as they do for people and animals, allowing them to grow, reproduce and remain healthy. While each kind of plant has specific nutrient needs, influenced by its age and stage of development, the nutrient requirements are the same, whether they're grown hydroponically or in soil. The difference between the two is how the nutrients are made available to the plants and how much energy the plant expends to find and absorb the nutrients it needs.

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