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Our hydroponic growing systems are designed to get maximum benefit from sprouting seeds.

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Why Barley Grass

Barley Grass is super-food packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and chlorophyll . . .

Barley Grass

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What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponic growing systems use a soil-less growing media and provide all of the plant's nutrition in the plant's water.


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4 Seasons Fodder Systems is an entirely automated indoor growing machine. Watering and light periods are managed by a clever pre-programmed control interface ensuring your barley grass gets exactly the ideal amount of water and light, air circulation and humidity is handled by on-board fans.

Using our advanced system to grow fodder for your live stock will lead to significant cost benefits on your feed expenses. Depending upon the system you acquire, it is possible to recover the price of purchasing a system inside of eighteen months to two years. Investing in a 4 Seasons Fodder System will offer you control over feed prices and help deliver sustainability to your farming business.

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The Benefits Of The 4 Seasons Fodder System

  • Barley grass is a more natural feed for livestock
  • Our fodder growing unit is a cost effective system
  • Low input hight output (1 Kg of barley generates over 7Kg of fodder)
  • Designed to get maximum benefit from sprouting seeds
  • Feed 20 cows or horses or forty x 300 kg weanling's everyday 365 days a year
  • Feed 80 to 100 sheep or pigs per day regardless of weather conditions
  • Different size units available to suit your needs
  • Increase your output with minimal investment (no need to buy land)
  • The system requires no soil, fertilizers or pesticides to grow green organic fodder

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