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Here at 4 Seasons Fodder Systems we take great care to make sure you get the right system to suit your requirements. We have six different size systems to facilitate our customerís needs. (Special Build requirements can also be catered for) Starting with our 4SFS-25 Kg per day unit all the way up to our 4SFS-1000 Kg Unit (Yes thatís 1 Ton of feed per day)

Costing just under Ä35.00 per tonne to produce (inc. water & electricity charges) this is a must for anyone feeding any sort of livestock.

You will see from the following examples some of the recommended daily requirements.

A general rule of thumb is 2% of the animalís weight which equates to 1 Kg of fodder per 50 Kg of the animals weight per day. When finishing stock for the factory or sale day, these rates may be increased up to 4% which equates to 1 Kg per 25 Kg of the animals weight per day. (This is optional for a 3-4 week period maximum prior to slaughter good herdsman-ship must be observed.)

What Size System Best Suits You?
Animal Weight Kgs Recommended Kgs of Fodder Number Of Animals Using 250 Kg System
Typical 50-75 Kg Sheep or Pig 1-1.5 Kg per Day 165-250 Sheep or pigs per day
Typical Weanling Weight 250-300 kgs 5-6 Kgs per Day 40-50 Weanling's Per Day
Typical Store Weight 350-400 Kgs 7-8 Kgs per Day 30-35 Stores Per Day
Typical Cow Weight 500-600 Kgs 10-12 Kgs Per Day 20-25 Cows Per Day

The Equine Family work out at the same ratio and would be advised to follow the lower rate of 1 Kg per 50 Kg of body weight.

For further information on different feed ratios or mixes we recommend you contact your veterinary or nutrition Expert.

All Livestock will require a % of basic roughage in the form of silage or straw to optimise weight gain.

As with all new feeding regimes, Introduce gradually over a 7-10 day period

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Which System?

Not sure what size system best suits you? We take great care to make sure you get the right fodder system to suit your requirements.

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